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Radiation monitor Geiger - Muller & dosimeter portable

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Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent  indication range *

0.01 µSv/h...10 mSv/h
or  1 µrem/h...1 rem/h *

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent measurement range *

0.1 µSv/h...10 mSv/h
or10 µrem/h...1 rem/h *

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent  indication range *

1 nSv...100 mSv  
or  0.1 µrem...10 rem *

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent measurement range *

0.1 µSv...100 mSv
or 10 µrem...10 rem *

Beta particles measurement range: *


     - flux density

10...1·104 particle/min·cm2

     - surface activity

0.5...500 Bq/cm2

     - count rate

0.1...1·104 cps

Intrinsic relative error of dose rate measurement in the range from 
0.1 µSv/h to 10 mSv/h (10 µrem/h...1 rem/h)

±20% max.

X and gamma radiation energy range

20 keV...3 MeV

Spectrum maximum energy range of registered beta particles

155 keV...3.5 MeV

Energy dependence


     - when gamma radiation dose rate is measured for 137Cs


     - when beta particles flux density is measured for 90Sr+90Y




     - to 137Cs gamma radiation

2.8 cps/µSv·h-1

     - to 90Sr+90Y beta radiation

0.36 cps/particles·min-1·cm-2

Response time for dose rate measurement
(for dose rate ≥1 µSv/h)

(accuracy error ≤±10%)

Radiation overloading

Radiation monitor can withstand 100-fold rise of dose rate measurement and beta particles flux density upper range limit for 5 minutes with readings not lower than maximum

Continuous run time

≥500 h

Working temperature range


Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation


Drop protection

From ≤1.5 m to hard surface

Protection class


Power supply

2 x AAA-size batteries (LR 03) or 2 x AAA-seize rechargeable cells with nominal voltage 1.2 V

Overall dimensions

110x60x38 mm


0.25 kg



$ 1225.91
VAT included

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Standard monitor sensitivity response
upon maximum beta spectrum energy
at measuring beta radiation flux density
Standard energy response of monitor
sensitivity respect to 137Cs
gamma radiation of 662 keV
Standard sensitivity response upon
gamma radiation incidence angle
respect to the calibration direction