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Code: 001402

MA500, Milk analyzer

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5 Measurement Parameters:  Fat, SNF, Protein, Density, Added Water


High measurement speed;

High accuracy of results;

Duration of measurement: 120 sec.

New durable metal box;

New improved  design;

Longer service life of the measuring cell;

Reliable high capacity peristaltic pump allows automatic cleaning);

USB interface for PC connectivity;

Operation from 220 V and 12 V (car battery);

Increased measurements data memory/ measurements stack;

Increased user-friendliness: requires minimum efforts of operator.

AC Power Supply voltage – 100–260V, 50 Hz, DC Power Supply voltage – 12V , Power Consumption 60W max

Τhe analyzer’s dimensions (H*W*D): 180 x 100 x 200 mm

Weight: 2 kg

      Volume of milk sample per one measurement: 25 ml


$ 1286.21
VAT included

Limited availability

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