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Ξηραντήρας Ψεκασμού (Spray Dryer) για υδατοδιαλυτά δείγματα

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Κατάλληλο για υδατοδιαλυτά δείγματα σε εργαστηριακή και ημιβιομηχανική χρήση.


· Evaporated water amount: Max. 1300 mL/h

· Temperature adjusting unit setting range:  40 to 220 °C (inlet temperature), 0 to 60 °C (outlet temperature)

· Temperature adjusting accuracy: Inlet temperature ±1°C

· Drying air amount adjusting range: 0 to 0.7 cubic-meter/min

· Spray air pressure adjusting range: 0 to 0.3 MPa

· Liquid sending pump flow rate range: 0 to 26 mL/min

· Spray air line washing function: Spraying at the nozzle tip manual pulse jet system

· External output: Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, temperature outlet (4-20 mA)

· Temperature adjusting device: PID digital temperature adjusting device

· Touch panel: Blower, heater, liquid sending pump, pulse jet switch, error display

· Control select switch: Inlet temperature, outlet temperature control switch (Outlet temp. control is conditional)

· Temperature sensor: K-thermocouple

· Heater: 2.0 kW (at 200V) to 2.88 kW (at 240V)

· Liquid sending pump: Fixed amount peristaltic pump

· Spraying air pump: Spraying air compressor (sold separately) is used.

· Service outlet: For stirrer: AC100V, MAX2A

· Suction blower: Bypass blower

· Filter: Suction Filter, Exhaust Filter

· Spray nozzle cooling mechanism:

Connector: nipple x 2, O.D.: 10.5 mm

· Spray air connection diameter: Nipple diameter: 7 mm

· Spray air pressure: Bourdon tube: 0.3 MPa

· Exhaust connecting diameter: 50 mm

· Safety function: Inlet/outlet temperature overheat, sample feed reverse rotation mechanism, over current electric leakage breaker, nozzle connection error

· External size W580 x D420 x H1,125 mm

· Weight 80 kg

· Power supply (50/60 Hz) rated current AC 240V 18A *Switching of terminals necessary


· Silicon tubes (with a stopper) x 3, exhaust duct (with one hose band) x 1, outlet

temperature sensor, spray air tube,

sample box, static electricity removal

earth, "Tetron" braided tube hose 5m.


Εφαρμογές :


•Pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, medical ingredients, additives)

•Food and beverage (milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, cereal, spices, flavorings, starch and starch derivatives, vitamins, enzymes, stevia, colourings, protein, hormone, serum, fragrant materials, essences, etc.)

•Cosmetics and fragrances

•Industrial: paint pigments, ceramic materials, catalyst supports, microalgae

•Organic chemistry: wax, cleaning agent, surface acting agent, agricultural chemical, antiseptic agent, synthesized resin, pigments, etc.

•Inorganic chemistry: ferrite, ceramics, photocopy toner, magnetic tape materials, photosensitive materials, various industrial chemicals, waste fluid of samples, etc.



$ 42593,43
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