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Κωδικός: 101637

VIAL ND8 CLEAR 1.5ML SILANIZED, PACK OF 1000, Art. No. 11 09 2175

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Screw neck vials and micro-vials ND8 are available in clear and amber first hydrolytic class glass. They have a 8-425 thread and are used as standard in GC and HPLC applications. A large selection of micro-inserts with a 5 mm diameter is available for these vials. The micro-vials often require an adapter so that they can be used in an autosampler.

These vials are especially used with autosamplers made by Beckman, Shimadzu, Spark, Varian and VWR/Hitachi.



Capacity (ml)

Size (mm)


Clear glass, flat bottom "silanized"


32 x 11.6



$ 640,72
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