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Code: 101893

Headspace crimp cap ND20, Aluminum clear lacquered, hole with scorelines, septum Butyl, dark grey, 55° shore A, 3.0 mm, pack of 100, LABSOLUTE®, Art. No. 20 03 0126

Crimp and headspace seals ND20 are made of aluminium and are supplied with fitted septa.These dark grey septa are temperature-resistant from -40 °C to 120 °C and have excellent chemical properties. They are 3.0 mm thick and have a hardness of 55° shore A. Because of the missing PTFE coating, the pure butyl septa are an economic alternative for non-critical analysis. Clear lacquered caps, so called headspace caps, with a special score line that breaks when the internal pressure reaches 3.0 ± 0.5 bar. The excess pressure is then released, and the risk of the vial exploding can be avoided.
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