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Code: 101367

SEPTA 9.8 MM FOR GC-INJECTOR, PACK OF 25, Art. No. 09 18 0936

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The GC septa are universal and longlife. They are delivered in resealable amber screw neck vials of 1st hydrolytic class and ready-to-use. You have several advantages using our GC septa:

  • Suitable for inlet temperatures up to 340 °C
  • Low release of siloxanes
  • Good penetration and sealing properties
  • No sticking to hot surfaces


Model overview:


9.5 mm septum

Agilent: Series 5700/5800
Varian: Injector type for packed columns
Varian (CP): All models
Tracor: 550, 560
Gow-Mac: All models
Finnigan: 9001, QCQ, GCQ, Trace 2000
Antek Unicam: 4600


60.00 €
VAT included

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