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The universally compatible dispenser tips Plus from LABSOLUTE® come in nine sizes and are suitable for volumes of 1 μl to 50000 μl. The tips work according to the positive displacement principle:
which, for you, means safe dispensing without risk of contamination, even with infectious solutions. Irrespective of viscosity and volatility, the desired volume will be dispensed at all time - without forming aerosols. The dispenser tips are available in sterile and non-sterile designs.


  • Rapid identification thanks to individual colour coding
  • Complete safety and reproducibility - each individual tip is mechanically checked
  • The sterile dispenser tips are individually packaged
  • Free of endotoxins, ATP, RNase and DNA
  • Ultra-fine conical tips increase precision, especially when dispensing in the single-digit μl range
  • Thanks to their elongated shape, ideally suited for working with long laboratory vessels
  • Certificate available on request
  • Lot number on each packaging unit
  • Autoclaving is not recommended

Universal compatibility with the following dispensers and others (upon request):

  • LABSOLUTE® manual dispenser Pro
  • Ripette®, Ripette® Pro (Ritter GmbH)
  • Multipette® 4780, Multipette® M4*, Multipette® plus* (Eppendorf AG)
  • HandyStep®, HandyStep® electronic* (Brand GmbH & Co.KG)
  • RepeatOne® (Starlab AG)



148.24 €
VAT included

On Request

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