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Code: 101198

CUVETTES UV,MACRO 4.0 ML, 220-900NM,OUT.DIM.:12.5X12.5X45MM CAVITYSORTED,PU=100,LABSOLUTE®, Art. No. 2722110

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The disposable cuvettes for the VIS and UV range feature optimised photometric properties and high transparence thanks to modern manufacturing methods. Furthermore, you benefit from the fact that all cuvettes within one packing unit are sorted according to their numbered cavities of origin. Consequently, you receive technically identical cuvettes which prevent deviations in extinction coefficient values. Supplied in practical, reclosable styrofoam racks.


  • Increased heat transfer thanks to optimized form and small wall thickness
  • Recessed measuring fields: reduce risk of scratching by the cuvette holder
  • Arrow marker points to transmission direction
  • Path length: 10 mm
  • Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 12.5 x 45 x 12.5 mm


50.11 €
VAT included

Limited availability

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