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Code: 101044

Soil boron extraction equipment, SOBEX SB1

The most commonly used method for soil Boron, is still, the hot water extraction.
Once extracted from soil, Boron (B) analyzed by colorimetric methods using reagents such as carmine (Hatcer & Wilcox 1950) or azomethine -H (Wolf 1971).
The Soil Boron extraction SB1 equipment  consist of :
·Heating mantle 500 ml, on/off switch, temperature regulator & timer.
·Flask 500 ml,  from low boron glass SPECIALLY treated. 
·Condenser (Dimroth type), from low boron glass SPECIALLY treated. 
·Stand, 2 clamps with boss head, transparent plastic tubes, etc 
·220-230 V AC, CE mark, 
Manual & detailed Analysis method.
617.85 €
VAT included

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