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Glassware for soil boron analysis (SOBEX c/n 101044)

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The most commonly used method for soil Boron, is still, the hot water extraction.
Once extracted from soil, Boron (B) analyzed by colorimetric methods using reagents such as carmine (Hatcer & Wilcox 1950) or azomethine -H (Wolf 1971).

The Soil Boron extraction SB1 equipment  consist of :

  • Heating mantle 500 ml, on/off switch, temperature regulator & timer.
  • Flask 500 ml,  from low boron glass SPECIALLY treated. 
  • Condenser (Dimroth type), from low boron glass SPECIALLY treated. 
  • Stand, 2 clamps with boss head, transparent plastic tubes, etc 
  • 220-230 V AC, CE mark, 

Manual & detailed Analysis method.


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