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Code: 001225

Monitox 500, Aflatoxin detector

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Uses the capacity of the UV rays to light in a fluorescent way the contaminated grains by aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2. The contaminated grains are easy to see, since they put on a color from fluorescent yellow to yellow with electric blue points


Bigger representative sample (500 gr – 1000 gr instead of the standard laboratory quantity of 50 gr). Immediate analysis time


Easy to use (no specialized technical personnel required).HPLC or ELISA analysis are repeatable in the same sample (non-destructive testing).


Aflatoxin contamination is easily visible.


No maintenance required.


No need of reactants, perishable or expiring goods.


Not consumable


2 UV lamps in the interior (2 x 8 W)


Dimensions: 520 x 360 x 220 mm  


Weight: 7 Kg.


Chassis in black mat Plexiglas




$ 394.08
VAT included

Limited availability

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