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NIR analyzer, Moisture, Fat, Protein

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Transmission Technology (NIT)
The transmission measurement is the most effective to work with olives and pomace and that being very

heterogeneous products much more information is obtained when traversing the sample when measured

in surface (reflectance).

When measuring in transmission is not affected by oxidation of the olive paste or olive pomace and also the
sample preparation is much simpler.

With T 38 you will get very accurate and repeatable results.

Holographic Monochromator
The holographic mochromator is responsible of converting the white light from the lamp in the infrared spectrum,
as well as diode array acts once convertingall the light that hits it in Near infrared without the need of moving parts.

This important part of the equipment allows working to diode array.

Diode Array Continue Spectrum

 Diode array is the most advanced technology at this time in relation to detection NIR, the diode array can measure
 a blow all wavelengths no moving parts, Diode array allowing to obtain a continuous spectrum, it is also one of the

reasons why T38 is the faster instrument for mill, since it is able to perform 5 measurements and provide

the average score in just 30 seconds. This is archived because its operation is like digital photo cameras CCD,

the difference is that it captures wavelengths within the infrared spectrum.


Calibration models are developed by Mathematicians algorithms, our last generation chemometrics department
 uses latest techniques generation and updating them every year against the official method Soxhlet, this allows us
 to offer personalized service that is in direct contact with our customers and their personal needs because not everyone
has the same needs. Also, our Chemometrics experts can adapt, create or customize special calibration model.

Connecting to computer

 T38 can be used optionally through our management software with which you can perform operations
 sample identification, you report generation and much more, so that your instrument is adapted to your future

needs also.


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