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Code: 100180

Soil testing laboratory, portable

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Quickly diagnose soil nutrient issues in the field and save time transporting samples back for analysis.


Visual color matching system delivers accurate results.


LaMotte STH-7 Soil Macronutrient Test Kit comes in a lightweight
carrying case with components securely mounted in removable foam trays.


Includes complete instructions, a soil management handbook and pad of soil analysis report forms.


LaMotte Macronutrient Test Kit includes:


  • 100 pH tests from 3.8 to 9.6
  • 50 nitrate nitrogen tests, 10 to 150 lb./acre
  • 50 phosphorus tests, 100 to 400 lb./acre
  • 50 potassium tests, 100 to 400 lb./acre
  • 50 humus (organic matter) tests, L-H 1.5 to 8%
  • 50 calcium tests, 150 to 2800 ppm and
  • 50 magnesium tests, L-H 5 to 150 ppm

663.02 €
VAT included

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