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Code: 000301

Datalogger WatchDog 1450, Temperature oC & Rel. Hum. % plus 2 external ports

Micro Stations are the cost-effective choice for recording environmental conditions over a period of time. Whether your needs are plant disease alerts or soil moisture monitoring, the WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Station will deliver the information you need for timely, accurate data that will result in increased profits. The LCD display confirms station operation and provides current sensor readings. View the current temperature during a freeze event, or soil moisture prior to irrigating – without downloading to a PC. Customizable with up to four unique external plug-in sensors. Change monitoring parameters from one season to the next, simply by connecting a different sensor - keeping investment costs down while making more profitable decisions.

The cost-effective choice for recording multiple environmental conditions
Internal sensors can include temperature and humidity
With up to 4 external sensor ports
LCD displays current sensor readings and battery level
Select measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes
Log 10,584 intervals (220 days at 30 minute intervals), 8,064 intervals with virtual channels enabled (for SMEC 300)
Data is stored in fail-safe non-volatile memory
Water-resistant case
12-month battery life (CR2450, included)
Transfer data with a direct-connect cable or Data Shuttle
Requires SpecWare 9 Basic or Pro (v9.2 or later) software
$ 703.30
VAT included

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Operating temperature range: -4 to 140ºF (-20 to 60ºC)
Temperature range: -40 to 185ºF (-40 to 85ºC)
Accuracy: ±1.1ºF (±0.6°C) at -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C), else ±2.2°F (±1.2°C)
RH range: 0 - 100%, Accuracy: ±3% at 77°F (25°C, 10 - 90%), else ±5%