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Plant moisture stress / water potential

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Model 615 Pressure Chamber Instrument


The Model 615 Pressure Chamber Instrument is the product of customer input.  Our customers made requests for an instrument that was fully enclosed in a sealed case with an easily removable tank.  They wanted an instrument that was easily hand carried or ready for mounting on an All-Terain-Vehicle (ATV).  The results of these requests is the Model 615 Pressure Chamber.

The instrument has a bail-spring handle for carrying and comes complete with a shoulder strap to lighten the load in the field.  It has 5 tie-down rings for mounting to ATV or other transportation.  The 22 cubic foot aluminum cylinder is secured with 2 inch heavy duty velcro straps and can be quickly replaced with a full cylinder.  The cylinder may also be trans-filled by simply disconnecting the supply hose and connecting to a master cylinder with the 6 Foot Filling Hose.


The Model 615 Pressure Chamber Instrument is one of our instruments of choice for routine water measurements for the purpose of deficit irrigation management or irrigation scheduling.  The 40 bar operational range allows for all irrigation scheduling for normal crop plants and is a good instrument for teaching plant water relations.  There are also three other instruments that might be useful for these purposes depending upon what your requirements.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 40 bar
Chamber Construction: Aluminum
Read-out: Bourdon Tube Gauge
Size (L x W x H): 22 x 15 x 10 inches - 56 x 38 x 26 centimeters Weight: 33 lbs - 14.9 kg
Gauge: 4 1/2" Diameter Gauge, 1/2 of 1/% accuracy. 40 bar (4 Mpa) range.

Instrument comes complete with:

  • Compression Gland Sealing system with 1/4 inch gasket/insert
  • 5 Extra 1/4 Compression Gland Gaskets
  • 1 solid Standard Rubber Sealing Gaskets
  • O-Ring lubricant
  • 6 foot Filling Hose
  • Technical Bulletin
  • Valve Adjustment Tool

Recommended Accessories: Extra Compression Gland Gaskets, Volume Reducer - depending on plant type, Lighted Hand Lens or Instrument Mounted Eye Lens, Extra Tank.   Necessary accessories will depend upon users application.


$ 5224.86
VAT included

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