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  • On Request

    CODE: 105696

    Mask for cleanroom, blue, class ISO 5

    Fitting mask for cleanroom use. For cleanroom use this garment has to be washed according to required cleanroom class.
    Price: 19.80 € VAT included
  • Limited availability

    CODE: 105697

    Hood for cleanroom use, white, cleanroom class ISO 5

    Hood for cleanroom use. Compatible with mask (c/n 105696) with Velcro closure. For cleanroom class ISO 5. For cleanroom use this garment has to be washed according to required cleanroom class.
    Price: 27.02 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 121124

    Safety Eyeshields SecureFit™ 200, anti UV rays, 3Μ

    Pressure Diffusion Technology allows temples to naturally adjust to individual head sizes.Anti-fog coating helps keep lenses free of moisture in hot and humid conditions. Polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UVA and UVB. Manufacturer 3M.
    Price: 10.90 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 124374

    UV-Air Flow Cleaner-Recirculator 1 UV lamps

    UV Air Recirculators are ideal for air disinfection in hospitals (especially in outpatient departments, operating rooms, emergency rooms, delivery rooms etc.), kindergartens, research laboratories, veterinary clinics
    Price: 486.80 € VAT included
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  • On Request

    CODE: 124375

    UV-Air Flow Cleaner-Recirculator, 2 UV Lamps

    Operation principle is based on a constant, forced air circulation through recirculator`s chamber in close vicinity to UV lamps, thus ensuring maximal efficiency of disinfection. The inner mirror surface of recirculator chamber reflects ultraviolet rays thereby increasing the density of UV radiation and enhancing the disinfection effect. UV Air Flow Cleaner-Recirculator consists of a germicidal UV lamp, a fan unit equipped with dust filters and a control unit, confined in a flowthrough chamber.
    Price: 848.22 € VAT included
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