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Fodder moisture tester, Pro

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Fortester 200 is an instrument used to test the right moisture percentage of the fodder in the field and to decide the harvest time. Fortester 200 permits to control the right moisture scale for the best storage, but also the right temperature to avoid spontaneous combustion dangers. Thanks to Fortester 200, the user can know the moisture graduation of the different bales of hay and, consequently, the real price of them during the buying or the selling.




This meter is very simple to use thanks to the automatic handle. It is very practical during the introduction of the probe in the fodder, in fact you can use only a hand. No cables between meter and probe. Its big LCD display with operative messages shows information. Every time you can store and see again the measurements. (MAX 50). Stop-measure function in “hold”. The mean of the measurements in memory. Automatic indicator of low battery. Zinc – plated steel probe: 90 CM. CE homologation




Moisture measurement range: from 0 to 75% Temperature measurement range: from 0 to 110C° Feed: 9 V battery Display: LCD display alphanumeric 16x2 digits Measurement memories: N.50 U.% - C° Languages: italian, english, german, french Weight: 3 kg




$ 495.24
VAT included

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