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Code: 001299

Harvest Smart, Specific Weight Balance

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Capacity: 1350g/3.0 lbs

Readable 2g/.1oz/0.103 oz.

3 weighing modes: grams/ounces/fractional lb-ounces

3 Wt/Bu Conversions: Winchester, Kg/Hectoliter & Avery

Product Density Conversion: Lbs/Cu. Ft.

Professional 4 button keyboard

Auto shut off

Low battery indicator

Large .6” LCD display

Integral security ring

Rugged construction

Convenient ergonomic design

Power Up Test: When scale is turned on all display segments will appear before resetting to zero.

Auto-off Function: To extend the battery life, Harvest Smart will automatically shut off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Overload: If the applied load exceeds the rated capacity of the scale, “Err” will appear. Remove load and scale will return to normal operation.

Lo: This will appear on display when battery needs to be replaced.



$ 301.16
VAT included

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