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Code: 001359

Seed cutter, 50 seeds

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Capacity of hole diameter regulation, so as to be applied toΒ differentΒ seed varieties. .

Dimensions:Β 200 x 75 x 35 mm.

Weight: 630 g.

Material of construction:Β  Stainless Steel.

Moisture of grain should beΒ < 16%.






$ 1205.93
VAT included

Limited availability

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Vitreosity reflects grain technological value because it is connected with  a high content of gluten proteins and therefore significantly affects the baking value of bread wheat, which is particularly popular and highly valued. In the case of malting barley grain, it is exactly the opposite because vitreosity not only impedes the malting process, but also results in undesirable and quality-reducing beer turbidity. The grain cutter determines the vitreousness or mealiness of grains.