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Code: 000352

Soil organic matter analysis set, complete and ready for use

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Soil organic matter analysis set, complete and ready for use, accompanied but all necessary equipment and reagents.

Soil organic matter set is made up of:

  • All necessary laboratory equipment

    • Erlenmeyer flask 500 mL
    • Measuring pipette 10 mL (2 pieces + pipette filler)
    • Volumetric cylinder 100 mL
    • Burette 50 mL
    • Burette stand
    • Balance 0,1 g accuracy (offered as an accessories)

  • All necessary reagent solutions

    • Solution OO1 ( Potassium dichromate solution K2Cr2O7)
    • Solution OO2 (Sulfuric acid solution H2SO4)
    • SolutionΒ OO3 (Phosphoric acid H3PO4)
    • SolutionΒ OO4 (Diphenylamine indicator solution)
    • SolutionΒ OO5 (Iron sulfate titration solution FeSO4)

  • Analytical manual in English

Optionally a magnetic stirrer is offered

306.53 €
VAT included

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