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Code: 001139

Alcohol Distillation Unit, 1 place, automatic

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Ability to determine alcohol content in wine and other alcoholic beverages, as wel as volatile acidity and sorbic acid.

Perfectly compatible with the criteria of EE 2676/90 and 2870/2000

Speed distillation: 30-40ml/min (6 min / sample).

Electronic control panel.

Sample volume up to 400 ml.

Water cooling consumption: 80-100 l / h

Consumption of closed circuit distilled water: 2 l / h

Distilled water tank capacity: 10 l.

Steam thermostat security

Dimensions: 90 × 30 × 30 cm.

Weight: 20 kg.

Accompanied by tubes: (ø × |) 42 × 300 mm, 52 × 300 mm and 80 × 300 mm, and sample collection flask 200ml.

One (1) year warranty


5111.70 €
VAT included

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