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Code: 000976

Incubator Bacteriological, 52 l, Incudigit-TFT

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Capacity: 52 lt

Temperature range: Environment +5ºC up to + 80ºC

Stability: ± 0,1ºC (up to 37ºC)

Homogeneity: ± 0,5ºC (up to 37ºC)

Resolution: 0,1ºC

Water circulation: Yes.

Safety thermostat: Yes.

Digital thermometer: Yes.

Digital timer: Yes (from 1 min to 99,9 hours).

inside without openings and easy to clean.

Shelves: 2.

Shelve positions: 5.

Performance of temperature attainment: 80ºC in 72 min/ 56ºC in 54 min/ 37ºC in 48 min.

PC port: RS 232.

Power: 250W.

Chamber dimensions (height/width/length): 33 / 47 / 33 cm.

External dimensions (height/width/length): 53 / 79/ 57 cm.

Weight: 46 Κg.


1950.90 €
VAT included

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