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Autoclave vertical 12L, certoclav

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 Standards which hitherto were only possible with larger sterilizers are now attainable in every suitable working situation with this practical work bench unit. The CertoClav is easy to operate achieving full sterilization within 3 minutes on the 2nd setting at 140°C (=284 °F) and 2.7 bar. Setting 1 allows sterilization of heat sensitive materials within 15 minutes at 125°C (=257°F). The CertoClav is easy to transport.

With a CertoClav as their personal sterilizer qualified staff are freed from the restrictions commonly encountered when having to rely on, and/or share, a large unit. Everything can now be sterilized at the workplace as and when required: cultures, glass containers, metal, rubber, steam-proof plastics, textiles, etc. The second step of 140°C allows the full sterilization required in the baceriological field. Often a restricted budget will not permit the purchase of a much needed sterilizing unit. The extremely competitive price of the CertoClav therefore lies well within the scope of the decision making body in each laboratory.

Technical specifications: CERTOCLAV Personal Sterilizer

Temperature range: 125°C (1.4 bar) & 140°C (2.7 bar)

Material: Aluminium

2-Step valve


Precision manometer with maximum indicator

Safety lock (no opening under pressure)

Steam release valve and steam release cock

Anti-block safety valve

Safety standard approved (AG-standard)

Heater included

10/12 liters with 24cm chamber diameter


Instrument Holder: Complete with 6 suspension hooks and 2 handles for the safe removal of all sterilized material (eg. bottles, retorts, bowls and other glass containers and instruments) by using the full cpacity of the inner chamber.

Instument Basket with Tripod: Complete with two hondles to be used when the sterilizing materials such as textiles, cultures etc, are not to come into contact with the water.

Condensation Lid: Complete with felt insert; only to be used together with instrument basket or instrument holder. Ensures that sterilizing materials such as glass containers, textiles or synthetics and rubber, will be absolutely dry after sterilization.

Instrument Tray: Allows full utilization of the inner chamber without sterilizing materials coming into contact with the bottom.

Tripod: To be used in conjunction with the instrument tray to avoid materials such as textiles, cultures etc, coming into contact with the water.



2617.38 €
VAT included

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