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Code: 122235

Personal scale, Weighing Capacity 250 kg, Readability 100 g

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MGD 200K-1LS05 Elegant look combined with large, flat glass weighing plate to make it easier to step on and give maximum safety


Dimensions of weighing plate (W×D×H): 380 mm x 330 mm x 27 mm

Overall dimensions mounted (W×D×H): 380 mm x 330 mm x 27 mm

Weighing surface (WxD): 380 mm x 330 mm


Display digit height: 50 mm

Power supply

Operating time: 100 h

Measuring system

Adjustment options: Calibration not possible

Linearity: 1,350 kg

Precision (of [Max]): 0,500 %

Readability [d]: 100 g

Repeatability: 1,350 kg

Resolution: 2500

Stabilisation time under laboratory conditions: 2 s

Warm up time: 10 min

Weighing capacity [Max]: 250 kg

Weighing system: Strain gauge

Weighing units: kg lb


176.98 €
VAT included

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