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High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Base unit pump (HPLC)

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1 Description

Scientific and reasonable function and structure design satisfy your needs for

accuracy and reproducibility to the maximum.

Building-block modular design enables easy use and convenient maintenace.

Rich function PC control and chromatograph data processing software makes it

simple for instrument control and data processing.

2 Innovation

High pressure solvent delivery pump adopting electronic pulsation suppression

technology displacing traditional mechanical buffer to thoroughly solve the problem

caused by frequent leakage of mechanical buffer, and to reduce the dead volume of

solvent delivery system to the minimum.

The wavelength positioning of Multi-wavelength UV-Vis detector is realized via the

grating's turning which is directly controled by the SCM( Single Chip Micyoco). It has

taken place the conventional sine-pole mechanics (monochromator), eliminating the

error of wavelength positioning brought by the mechanical abrasion and returning

error of the Guide-screw transmission, and also avoiding the monochromator's hitting

accident which might be brought by false operation.

3 Performance

High pressure pump

Advanced double-piston pump and electronic residual technique, greatly improves

the flow rate precision and repeatability of the pump.

Flow rate range: 0.001~9.99mL/min in 0.001mL/min increments

Structure: double-piston pump

Flow rate precision:0.5%



Pressure range:0~40MPa

Gradient mode: a low pressure gradient system up to 4 solvents and a high pressure

gradient system up to 2 solvents

Remote control: RS-232 connector, PC control

System protection: Soft start, P min and P max adjustment

Display: LCD, 2×16

Dimensions (W×H×D):350×190×210mm

UV-Vis detector

Time-programmed wavelength charge function, realizing online wavelength switch.

Baseline drift: 15×10-5AU/h at 240nm, t=1.0s

Baseline noise: 2×10-5AU at 240nm, t=1.0s

Wavelength range: 190~740nm, λ≤8nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm

Time constants: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0/10.0

Analog output: ±1V

Auto-zero range: full scale

Light source: deuterium lamp

Display: LCD, 2×16

Dimensions (W×H×D): 350×190×210mm

Column Oven

Highest temperature establishing, overrun temperature alarming.

Control mode:PID

Temperature control range: ambient~100

Temperature accuracy: ±0.3

Safety setting-up: overrun temperature limit alarming

Display: 4 bits LED ( red-actual temperature, green-establishing temperature)

Column: 2

Remote control: RS-232 connector, PC control

Inside dimensions (W×H×D): 50×380×50mm

Outside dimensions (W×H×D): 120×500×230mm

PC control and Chromatograph data processing system

Complete PC control function, realizing parameter control and real-time monitoring to

all parts, including column oven.

Interface language can be switched between Chinese and English, with simple


Analytical task can be completed in single sampling, with automatic processing of

chromatograph data and obtaining perfect spectra.

Backstage operation function enables data processing to the existing spectra, while

analysis is going on.

The gradient program of the pump and wavelength time-program of the detector can

be established.

The test report format can be flexibly modified.

Timer turn-off function is provided


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