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Baby scale, Weighing Capacity 20 kg, Readability 10 g

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Baby scale, Weighing Capacity 20 kg, Readability 10 g

MBC 20K10EM Elegantly-shaped baby scale with EC type approval and approval for medical use for professional use in medical diagnostics


Casing material: Plastic

Dimensions housing (W×D×H): 330 mm x 280 mm x 72 mm

Dimensions of display device (W×D×H): 200 mm x 130 mm x 60 mm

Dimensions of weighing plate (W×D×H): 600 mm x 280 mm x 55 mm

Level indicator: yes

Material weighing plate: Plastic

Overall dimensions mounted (W×D×H): 600 mm x 407 mm x 120 mm

Revolving screw feet: yes

Weighing surface (WxD):600 mm x 280 mm


Display digit height: 25 mm

Technical data about verification

Minimum load [Min]: 200 g

Power supply

Battery:6×1.5 V AA

Charging time:12 h


Data hold function: yes

Vibration-free weighing (Animal weighing program): yes

Measuring system

Adjustment options: External calibration

Linearity: 10 g

Readability [d]: 10 g

Recommended adjusting weight: 20 kg (M1)

Repeatability: 10 g

Resolution: 2000

Stabilisation time under laboratory conditions:3 s

Tare range: 19,990 kg

Warm up time: 10 min

Weighing capacity [Max]:20 kg

Weighing system:Strain gauge

Weighing units:kg

Battery- or mains-powered, Optional rechargeable battery pack


321,85 €
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