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MINICAPS END-TO-END 0,5 µL, LENGTH 30-32 MM, CC, (ελάχιστη παραγγελία μία συσκευασία των 10 κουτιά των 100 τεμαχίων)

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Disposable Capillary pipettes, DURAN®, minicaps® end-to-end
Minicaps® micro capillary pipettes, end-to-end. Available in sodium-heparinized and non-heparinized. Declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600. Acc. the German *Eichordnung*. With batch number on the packaging. Made in Germany out of original SCHOTT DURAN®.Acc. ISO 7550.

-Error-free filling end-to-end
-Only 30mm to 32mm long
-Easy-to-remove, colour-coded dispenser cap

Supplied in drums of 100 within an outer pack of 1000.
Non-heparinized. Declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600, ISO 7550.

Product Specification:
Capacity: 20 µl
Length: 30 ± 0.5mm
Accuracy max. vol.: 0.5 (≤ ± R%)
Precision max. vol.: 1.0 (≤ CV%)


100,00 €
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