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Vortex Shakers

  • On Request

    CODE: 124360

    Multi-vortex with platforms PL-1 & PV-32

    Multi-Vortex is intended for intensive stirring of bacterial and yeast cell, washing from the culture medium and extraction of metabolites and enzymes from cells and cell cultures.
    Price: 427.80 € VAT included
    • NEW
  • On Request

    CODE: 110467

    MIXER "XH-B"

    ◎ Wide application range: Can be used for mixing samples in Test tubes, Centrifuge tubes, flasks etc.
    ◎ High performance & low noise AC motor to make rapid and thorough mixing.
    ◎ Specified designed operation panel, Easy to clean and wear-resisting.
    ◎ Shaking speed can be adjusted automatically based on the pressure degree.
    Price: 289.96 € VAT included