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NIR Analyzers (Moisture, Protein, Fat)

  • On Request

    CODE: 001401

    NIR Grain and Flour Analyzer

    NIR analyzer is applicable for fast and accurate analysis of grains and flour.
    The instrument can measure mainly moisture, protein, gluten, oil, ash content, specific weight but Zeleny can be measured as well. It is delivered with the calibrations installed.
    Price: 23104.55 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 001283

    NIR Grain & Flour Analyzer

    NIR Grain & Flour Analyzer. The small size and light weight analyser make it possible to use the device on more locations, on the farm, or even on the field. The large, colour touchscreen as well as the logical menu make the everyday use of the device very simple. It is delivered with calibrations for wheat barley, durum and corn by default.
    Price: 14628.01 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 104937

    NIR analyser, NIR analyser, Olive Oil Content %, Moisture % & Acidity

    T-38 Mini, NIR analyser is an infrared spectrophotometer used to analyse oil content, moisture and acidity in olive paste and husk. Equipped with the latest high-speed sampling NIR technology which always ensures the same result and execution times even by repeating the analysis several times
    Price: 23436.00 € VAT included