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  • On Request

    CODE: 000256

    Incubator Bacteriological, 52 lt

    Incubator 52 lit, reliable construction and simple usage. Ideal for heavy and repeated every day use.
    Price: 1573.32 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 100988

    Μini - Incubator, 20 lt

    Μini - Incubator, 20 lt, The portable, digital incubator is ideally suited for haematology and microbiology applications, such as the cultivation of contact plates for microbiological hygiene analysis. Due to its small footprint and economical price, it is also the perfect incubator for educational institutions and small laboratories. Incubator features a large internal chamber with a capacity of 20 liter, capable of storing flasks and bottles up to 2 liter.
    Price: 865.44 € VAT included