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Freeze dryer Lyophilisators

  • Limited availability

    CODE: 000600

    Shelf rack for freeze dryer

    Shelf rack for freeze dryer
    Price: $ 515.10 VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 000100

    Freeze dryer, 4 lit

    Freeze dryer, 4L, -60oC
    Price: $ 6837.55 VAT included
  • Limited availability

    CODE: 000384

    Freeze Dryer Unicryo 2 X 2 Lit, -60oC

    Freeze Dryer Unicryo 2 X 2 Lit, -60oC. The new dual UNICRYO Freeze Dryer offers a very big condensations capacity over the 2 cold traps. Each condensing trap is very fast activated by simply switch on the front panel. After occupation of ice crust and liquid evaporation of the first trap, the second trap is ready and offers new condensation of 680°C. The UNICRYO can process 2 different freeze drying jobs with its both traps. This is high tech freeze drying in compact size.
    Price: $ 9088.35 VAT included