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Laboratory mill

  • On Request

    CODE: 100262

    Grinding mill, for industrial & laboratory use

    Grinding mill. For a wide range of products grinding, solid, fragile, soft and semi-hard ones. For the use in pharmaceutical, chemistry and alimentary industry in general.
    Price: 3453.20 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 101088

    Mill, grinding hard materials, 50 ml

    Newly designed batch mill for grinding of hard, brittle, soft and fibrous materials for volumes up to 50 ml. Because samples may be embrittled directly in the grinding chamber; tough, oily and aqueous samples can also be grinded. During development of the mill, particular emphasis was placed on safety. The mill will only start when the lid is closed and it can only be opened at standstill. A quick stop feature further increases the safety of user.
    Price: 2816.23 € VAT included
  • Limited availability

    CODE: 117104

    IK Customer Product 17

    Sieve 6,0 mm, for PX-MFC 90 D
    Price: 198.41 € VAT included