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Code: 001050

Dew point, temp., RH meter, portable

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With an efficient side-by-side display, the portable Thermo-hygrometer with dew point reveals critical temperature and humidity readings-typically in just 60 seconds! Separate electronic circuits provide true temperature-compensated readings for added reliability. Use this powerful tool to gauge your current conditions on-the-fly.

The 3411WB includes wet bulb temperature, a measurement of the evaporative cooling power of the air.
Measurements of wet bulb and normal (dry bulb) temperature is especially important when using irrigation for freeze protection.
Growers use wet bulb temperatures to turn irrigation systems on and off.
This is useful because wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature to which plant tissue will fall when water is first turned on, or insufficient water is being used, or if power or mechanical failure resulted in the irrigation system shutting down too early.

  • Temperature range from -10° to 50°C with ± 1°C accuracy.
  • RH accuracy ± 3% within 10–90% RH; ± 4% all other ranges.
  • Min/max memory
  • auto power off
  • Fahrenheit or Celcius switch
  • data hold.

Two AAA batteries included.


$ 240.82
VAT included

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