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Code: 124377

Microplate Photometer ELISA

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0.0001 OD

Wavelength range

400 – 700 nm

Wavelength selection

up to 8* filters on wheel standard filters 405, 450, 492 and 620 nm

Shaking speed control range

4 amplitudes, 4 speeds



Reader is compatible with IDEXX xChekPlus software

PC system requirements:

Intel/AMD Processor, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista/7/8/10, USB

Dimensions (W×D×H)

140 х 300 х 130 mm


4.6 kg

External power supply

Input AC 100–240 V 50/60 Hz, Output DC 12 V

 Features of QuantAssay software:

ELISA assays of any complexity can be carried out via robust assay editor with help of Assay Wizzard

Quantitative assay includes up to 20 standards

Avidity/Affinity assays

Multiplex assays with up to 7 assays on one plate

Qualitative assay includes up to 11 controls

BestFit function for selecting the best calibration curve

User friendly interface: get your results in 3 clicks

Save, load and export results

Creates visual reports

Accuracy (405, 450, 492, 620 nm)


5161.80 €
VAT included

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