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Code: 000302

Gloss meter, IG-320 HORIBA

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Measurement principle:

LED (Wavelength 880nm)

Measurement area:

12x6mm oval

Measurement range:

0 - 100.0

Display range:

0 -199.9


±0.5%F.S. ±within 1 digit

Continual-use time:

15 hours


display hold, battery alarm, out-of-range display, internal data memory, average value calculation, auto power-off, audible keystroke confirmation signal

 Gloss meters reflect light when exposed to a surface. The intensity of this reflected light is measured as gloss. The IG-320 provides a measured value to confirm visual observations reducing human error. Applications vary widely from floor maintenance, floor polishing, marble polishing, to quality control of paint finishes on cars and appliances. Calibrations are performed using a black glass standard. Operation is simple and the user does not need to have any technical knowledge. The meter is laid on the surface to display the gloss value instantaneously. The IG-320's measurement angle is set at 60 degrees.

1331.96 €
VAT included

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