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Κωδικός: 000282

Καταγραφικό θερμοκρασίας μιάς χρήσης. Ειδικό για μεταφορές με ψύξη

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64 X 15 X 90 (mm)


18 gr

Temperature range

 -30 °C  ÷  +50 °C

Standard calibration points (temperature)


Extra calibration points (temperature)

Within standard calibration range

Temperature resolution

0,01 °C

Temperature accuracy

± 0.5 °C without certificate / ± 0,2 °C with Accredia traceable certificate (valid in the calibration range)

Memory (number of acquisitions)

3.928 (may diminish according to the amount of notes)

Acquisition step

From 1 every second up, with 1 second steps

Buttons and functions

Start, status, limits check


LED for status: acquisition, stand by, out of limits

Battery type

3.0V CR2032 lithium (2017 IATA DGR: PI970 Section II, < 4 cells)

Battery life

Up to 10 years or 3 millions of acquisitions

Protection degree


Software&Mobile App

TempNFC Lite, TempNFC Pro, TempNFC Ent

It requires

NFC Android device (common smart phone)


  • Start and download using NFC Android devices (download App from Google Play)
  • Long life battery: 10 year shelf life in standby
  • Manual start option Mission status LED and button (running, stopped, OK, alarm)
  • Check against alarm thresholds and transport duration
  • MKT calculation is done on the App
  • Bar Code and QR Code scan of the items being monitored in the shipment
  • Geolocalization of the start and stop positions, saved with the mission data
  • View readings in graphical or tabular format
  • Create mission templates to quickly start the devices, without entering settings every time
  • Additional Information: sender, receiver, operator, notes etc.
  • Automatically send PDF reports to the email address set by the sender
  • Synchronization with the Tecnosoft Cloud

Optional Accredia (NIST equivalent) traceable calibration certificate on one or more calibration points available. ONE USE

30,19 €
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