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Code: 001369

Grain Control, Benchtop

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Measurement is completely automatic infact, the sample must not been milled or weighed

Moisture range: 4 έως 38%.

Accuracy: ±0,3%.

Temperature range: από 0°C έως 100°C.

Measurement of specific weight (hecatolitric weight).

8 cereals into memory that can be choosed from: Corn, Wheat, Sorgum, Barley, H. Wheat, Rice, Oat, Linen, Rye, Pea, Soyabean, Sunflower, Hemp and Oil Seed Rape.

Maximum seeds in memory: 30.

Rapid measurement in less than 15 sec.

Possibility to insert new cereals in an easy and rapid way.

Automatic integrated printer. 

Autotest that allows to control the most important functions

Specific gravity meter: load cell Max 500g

Automatic measurement operations.

LCD display 320x240 pixel.

The display shows information about moisture, temperature, specific gravity, progressive number of measures, the kind of cereal and the date of the measurement.

Menu Languages: Englih, French, German and Italian.




Added seed calibration

Battery for portable use.



3345.50 €
VAT included

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