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Paper moisture meter

  • On Request

    CODE: 121445

    Paper moisture meter, with case

    Paper moisture meter, with case. Electrical resistance-type moisture meter, utilizing the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance. The contact pins mounted on the top of the meter are used for making direct contact with the material. Various external electrodes are also available for specific applications. Especially useful for testing paperboard, corrugated stock, and paper tubes. It is ideal for plant superintendents, inspectors, buyers, and salespeople.
    Price: 689.69 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 121447

    Handle for pen type electrode (c/n 121446)

    Handle for pen type electrode (c/n 121446). Electrode handle that attaches to the built-in connector on the top of any moisture meter. This is useful for large or high density bales of hay or scrap paper.
    Price: 104.04 € VAT included