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Code: 101077

Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar (VRBG), 500 g, (Ph. Eur. ) (ISO21528) (Dehydrated Culture Media)

Dehydrated culture media of reddish beige colour -Preparation:
Prepare a suspension of 41,5 g in 1 l of distilled water. Heat to boiling point while
constantly stirring and boil for about 1 minute. Let it cool to 45 °C and distribute.
Alternatively sterilize at 118 °C for 15 minutes. AVOID OVERHEATING OR REMELT THE
SYNONYMS: Crystal Violet-Neutral Red-Bile-Glucose Agar according to Mossel, VRBD Agar, VRBG Agar•
BIBLIOGRAPHY: ISO 21528 • USP 38 • Ph. Eur. 8.0 • J. Appl. Bact., 26, 444-452 (1963), J. Bact., 84, 381 (1962)
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