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Code: 001102

Wood and Wood chips moisture meter

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Measurements with 4 sets of wood and tables with tens wood kinds M 20 can memorize and visualize until 50 moisture measures.
There is the possibility to clear the measures in memory.
Average function of the measures in memory min/max reading of the measures in memory automatic/manual compensator of temperature.
Messages in 4 languages: Italian, English, German, French.
Hold function for the measure.
Automatic indicator of low battery “low battery”.
Shock-resistant ABS container It is not necessary any calibration.
There is big hammer for the measures in depht.

Measure range: 5 ÷ 75% ± 0.5%

Wood sets: 4

Weight: 230 gramme

Dimensions: 145 X 85 X 35 mm

Display: Alphanumeric LCD 16 X 2 characters

Battery: 9V ( I.E.C. 6F22 )

Compensator of temp.: 0 - 110 °C     




367.83 €
VAT included

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