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  • Limited availability

    CODE: 000788

    pHmeter & thermometer

    pHmeter & thermometer. Complete with carrying case, instruction manual, 4 bat, Software DeltaLog 9.
    Price: 354.27 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 001289

    Milk Analyzer, Laboratory

    Milk Analyzer, Laboratory
    Price: 1526.69 € VAT included
  • Limited availability

    CODE: 102892

    Digital Hand-held PAL-pH

    Pocket pH meter is very new which is droplet type pH meter. It only needs simple operation by a small amount of sample. It can be used widely from food and beverage such as soil, water-soluble cutting oil, alkaline cleaning liquid. IoT Supported With NFC ( Near Field Communication).
    Price: 295.22 € VAT included
    • NEW
  • On Request

    CODE: 124905

    pH Plus Electrodes, PP18 Spear Electrode Combination

    Spearpoint membranes provide strength perfect for penetration of samples such as semi-solids.
    Versatile refillable probe allowing different solutions for different applications and an extended life span.
    Designed with an annular ceramic junction type to suit a vast range of applications.
    The large surface area of annular ceramic provides a fast response in more viscous samples.
    Price: 482.89 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 001124

    Milk analyzer

    Milk analyzer portable, suitable for milk producer and milk collector.
    Price: 638.17 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 110130


    APPLICATIONS: Specially designed for bacteria and fungi cultures in Petri capsules
    at the same temperature of human body.
    Price: 816.28 € VAT included
  • Limited availability

    CODE: 001402

    MA500, Milk analyzer

    Milk analyzer, professional use
    Price: 1185.49 € VAT included
  • On Request

    CODE: 000895

    Thermoscan, Cryoscope

    Thermoscan, Cryoscope
    Price: 3028.61 € VAT included